Is Sea of Thieves Cross platform? How to disable it?

Is Sea of Thieves Cross platform? How to disable it?

February 9, 2021 0 By mtchre

Is Sea of Thieves cross platform? Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate adventure game where you take on the sea in search of loot and glory. No voyage is complete without a crew. You can have up to four pirates in your team, but before you set sail, you want to make sure all of your mateys can join you for a swashbuckling adventure. The question is, can you set sail with your friends on various platforms?

Yes, Sea of Thieves is, in actuality, a cross-platform game. You can play with your friends on the Xbox One as well as the PC. Your growth will also be saved if you transfer between an Xbox One, the Xbox PC Client, and the Steam client.

Keep in mind that although you can transfer your progress to the Steam version of the game, you will have to purchase it an additional time. The ownership credit only moves between the Xbox One and Xbox Windows’s app. However, if you are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will have free entrance to the game on both Xbox clients.

Beforehand, the game didn’t present you with the option of turning off cross-play. Fortunately, an upcoming patch will allow you to turn it off, so you’ll only play with other gamers who have controllers. However, Neate added that mouse and keyboard support was coming to Sea of Thieves, but those who wanted to use a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One would be lumped into the cross-play category. If you turn off the option to allow cross-play on Xbox One, you won’t be able to play with anyone who uses a mouse and keyboard, too.

sea of thieves ps4

sea of thieves ps4

What is Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game that sees players take on a pirate’s role, sailing the high seas in search of enemies, other ships, and treasure. 

Players sail through an open world competing for various tasks and missions but can also choose to attack vessels belonging to other plays and try to steal their loot, or perhaps even the ship itself!

To play, first, you will be presented the option of the type of boat that you and your crew would like to command – whether that be a one or two-person Sloop, a Brigantine – which is suitable for three players – or a colossal Galleon, which is best used with a squad of four players. Make sure you choose wisely. 

After that, you will spawn with a ship at one of the game’s outposts. There are several outposts across the Sea of Thieves map, and these are go-to destinations for pirates, as they’re the only place where you can exchange the loot you find for coins. 

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform?

Yes, Sea of Thieves helps cross-platform play across PC and Xbox One. That includes both the Windows 10 and Steam versions on PC and Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions. In short, if you have a platform that can play Sea of Thieves, it supports cross-play.

However, it would be best if you didn’t confuse Sea of Thieves cross-play with Xbox’s Play Anywhere initiative. If you’re unaware, Play Anywhere is an action from Xbox that allows you to buy a game once and have all versions of that game (fit with cross-save). So, in a game like a Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can buy the Windows 10 version and get the Xbox version for free, as well as carry your progress between the two versions.

Sea of Thieves is a Play Anywhere game (as we’ll get to that shortly), but cross-play is part of the game itself, not part of Microsoft’s program. Regardless, you’ll need an Xbox Live account to use cross-play, much like you need an Epic account to use cross-play with Fortnite and Dauntless. It’s worth noting that you need an account, not a subscription. Though, if you’re playing Xbox, you should reasonably have Xbox Live Gold.

sea of thieves pc

sea of thieves pc

How to Turn Off Cross Platform?

For some Xbox players, having the advantage to disable cross-platform play in Sea of Thieves is essential. The reason for this is that PC players have a distinct benefit when it comes to load times and hand-to-hand combat.

Thankfully, Xbox players can disable cross-platform play throughout the in-game settings. This will allow them to tailor their experience further to only verse other console-based players. When playing Arena, this option is already activated. However, if the game cannot find a match, it will override this decision to widen the search parameters.

For those on Xbox that have disabled cross-platform play with PC, if you want to crew up with your friend who is on PC, your decision will also be overridden.

When you load into an Outpost, look to the top of your screen to see who you’re sailing with. The game will let you know whether it’s all players or just those on the console.

how to play sea of thieves cross platform

how to play sea of thieves cross platform

Where can I buy Sea of Thieves?

While many PC gaming fans prefer to purchase their titles from Steam or the Epic Games Store, anyone who wants to play Sea of Thieves will have to purchase it directly from the Windows 10 store.

For Xbox One players, the game is available from the Xbox Marketplace on the console and can also be purchased as a physical copy from various online retailers.

The good news is that thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program, anyone who buys a digital copy of the game will be able to play it on both platforms, regardless of whether you bought it on PC or Xbox One first.

How much does Sea of Thieves cost?

Sea of Thieves is currently $59.99 when purchased directly from Microsoft.

What can I play Sea of Thieves on?

Sea of Thieves is produced by Rare and was published by Microsoft Studios. Thus, the pirate title is only available on Xbox One and Windows PC platforms, and it seems highly unlikely that it will ever be released on PlayStation 4.