how many followers on tiktok to go live

How to Go Live on TikTok? A Complete Guide

How to go live on tiktok? TikTok videos are so common that it would take living under a rock not to have seen one. TikTok videos are often expertly edited, complete with transitions and funny filters. TikTok allows you to Livestream, but did you know that? Therefore, instead of editing the perfect video, you can just broadcast a live performance to all of your followers. If you’ve built up a little following on the platform, you can go live with just a few taps and interact with your followers. Do you want to know how to go live on TikTok? … Read more

diadem ffxiv

FFXIV Diadem: How to Access Diadem Gathering, Fishing?

Shadowbringers has given gatherers the most love out of all the expansions for FFXIV Diadem, and they now have their own zone: the Diadem. Introducing patch 5.21 is the third iteration of Diadem’s exploration zone, which was first introduced in Heavensward, and this time around has been transformed into a gatherers’ paradise. As an added bonus, they have an aether-bazooka to murder the native wildlife, because why not? This massive change in focus means that previous methods no longer work to reach the Diadem, so this guide will point you back in the right direction. You must have unlocked the … Read more

Roblox Premium

Roblox Premium – What It Is And How To Get It?

The Roblox platform is one of the most popular online gaming platforms enabling anyone to create and play games. For even more fun with this creative 3D world, purchase the Roblox Premium membership. You have no idea about how Roblox Premium membership works, how to get it for free, and what tricks you need to know to get it for free, read this post. As part of Roblox’s in-game economy, players can purchase skins and accessories for their avatars using an in-game currency named Robux. Getting Robux is as simple as becoming a Premium Member. Players can purchase in-game skins … Read more

Awaiting Endpoint Discord

How to Fix a Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error : Easy Fixes

Are you facing discord awaiting endpoint error? Discord is one of the most famous communication platforms on the web and becomes more popular by the day. While it’s most commonly used as a way for gamers to chat, several businesses have used Discord to communicate, and some DND campaigns are managed through Discord as well. That said, any major platform will encounter problems. Several users need to know how to solve the “Discord awaiting endpoint” error that crops up from time to time. This article will walk you through the most common fixes, as well as what creates the error … Read more

Android Auto App Not Working

Android Auto Not Working? Try out Easy Fixes

Is your android auto not working? Try out these easy fixes to get resolved from it. Android Auto is an excellent way to utilize your device while in the car, but it’s not much use if it stops working correctly. Whether you can’t get Android Auto to connect at all or it suddenly stopped running reliably, we’re here to help. These Android Auto troubleshooting tips will assist you to fix the feature when it isn’t working right, whether you use the app on your phone screen or car display. Android Auto Not Working? 8 Easy Fixes Restart Your Phone When … Read more