how to delete video on youtube

How to Delete YouTube Video: Follow 5 Easy Steps

It is helpful to know that how to delete YouTube video from your YouTube channel. You may have noticed a bug in a recently uploaded video or want to clean up your channel. Luckily, removing a video from YouTube is an easy process. You can complete your work using the mobile app or web browser. That’s how it is done. YouTube is the world’s largest search engine world after Google. It is a well-known video streaming platform with millions of users worldwide. In addition to online video playback, you can download the videos on your device. You can delete all … Read more

how many followers on tiktok to go live

How to Go Live on TikTok? A Complete Guide

How to go live on tiktok? TikTok videos are so common that it would take living under a rock not to have seen one. TikTok videos are often expertly edited, complete with transitions and funny filters. TikTok allows you to Livestream, but did you know that? Therefore, instead of editing the perfect video, you can just broadcast a live performance to all of your followers. If you’ve built up a little following on the platform, you can go live with just a few taps and interact with your followers. Do you want to know how to go live on TikTok? … Read more

diadem ffxiv

FFXIV Diadem: How to Access Diadem Gathering, Fishing?

Shadowbringers has given gatherers the most love out of all the expansions for FFXIV Diadem, and they now have their own zone: the Diadem. Introducing patch 5.21 is the third iteration of Diadem’s exploration zone, which was first introduced in Heavensward, and this time around has been transformed into a gatherers’ paradise. As an added bonus, they have an aether-bazooka to murder the native wildlife, because why not? This massive change in focus means that previous methods no longer work to reach the Diadem, so this guide will point you back in the right direction. You must have unlocked the … Read more

windows audio device graph isolation high cpu

How to Fix Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation Issues?

How to fix windows audio device graph isolation issues? It can be frustrating, even dangerous when you have a slow computer. It is best if you always monitor your CPU usage: running at high %s can eventually damage your processor. There are many applications and processes that can consume your CPU; Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation is one. By checking the Task Manager and identifying the process, you can find out if this process is causing problems. Could it be that your CPU usage is unusually high due to this Windows process? Our article describes what the process is, provides … Read more

how to copy and paste a picture on chromebook

How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook in 2021: Multiple Ways

How to copy and paste on a Chromebook? If you just got your Chromebook in 2021 and would like to learn the basics, including copying and pasting on your Chromebook, then you have come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to show you how to copy and paste text, files, and folders on a Chromebook. Further, we have also provided some techniques on how to copy and paste commands while using the Linux Terminal on a Chromebook if you use Linux on Chrome OS. Lastly, we have included the native Clipboard History feature and some powerful … Read more